Logistic Services


Our Warehouse distribution service has become an important and reliable tool for the numerous corporations that utilize this service to maintain and manage their stock replenishment needs on a UK basis. 

Regency/The Ferrari Group, is able to offer secure storage facilities worldwide, fully insured upon written request, for either an ad-hoc period or on a long term contract basis. Our secure bonded warehousing facility exceeds 5,000 square feet, and has been designed to meet every kind of storage requirement, such as high and normal stacking, heavy lifts, long term contact storage, warehousing of furniture, fine and rare art, all of which will be contained within our secure vaulting facility. Moreover, Regency is able to offer you the same standard of services on a global scale. 

This service is tailored to each client's requirements from a pick and pack service to a fixed term contractual distribution requirement. This service works very well for clients with multiple outlets and single outlets

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  • Full Proof of Delivery (POD)


Regency know that the Preparation and initial handling of all valuable and venerable commodities prior to transit or distribution is one of the most important aspects of the transportation process.

All aspects of the logistics requirement are carefully considered including the characteristics of the item, the time restraints that have to be met and the method of transportation that will be used along with any special handling requirements that are too be followed.

Our preparation ensures that the all items packed and transported by us are protected and delivered safely to its required destination.


  • Worldwide Export Services
  • Worldwide Import Services
  • Global Logistics Fine Art Services
  • Bonded Warehousing Services
  • Direct Private & Charter Airline Handling
  • Full all risks Transit Insurance
  • Private Venue & Exhibition security provisions
  • General Cargo - Long & Short term storage solutions
  • Pick & Pack UK Distribution
  • Boutique Stock extraction for refurbishment
  • Special Project Transportation
  • Specialised Packing & Case making

Regency operates its own fleet of specialised secure vehicles.

Our vehicles have been upgraded to enable Regency Shipping Ltd the ability to handle very high value works of art and antiques.

All of our vehicles can be used for a wide range of secure transport requests throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union. We would be happy to quote for these vehicles to cater for your particular requests.

  • Internet Shipping
  • Online Tracking
  • Full Proof of Delivery (POD)